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Risky Business

Risky is a horse who is blind in his left eye. I take riding lessons and i ride him. He was saved from a slaughter in 2010. He needs a sponser so they can pay for his medical bills. To find out more go to www.naturalhorsesavvy.com and click on rescue and adoption. Risky is the 2nd horse then hit the arrow next to full sponsorship 300$. Do what you can to help please. If you dont want to do a sponsorship but still want to donate money for him send me the money. Please do it asap I dont want him to bo back to the slaughter again. I am sending him money too. I need the money by my last lesson which is August 24th 2012. PLease help him.

po box 2404

snohomish wa,


July 9th

July ninth wasa my 11th birthday. We had so much fun and I got the best presents from all my family.

My Grandma Kathy:A dress, two shirts, and a pair of shorts. Thank you!!!

My auntie Michelle:Two shirts, two leggings, and a tube of lip gloss. Tank you!!!

My nana and papa:Chocolate, lotion, perfume, two shirts, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, pens, highlighters, and post-it notes. Thank You!!!

My Mom and Dad:Two flip-flops, watch, kindle fire with a case. Thank you!!!

My sister:lip gloss, eyeshadow, and hair spray. Thank you!!!

My brother:Pokémon cards. haha! Thank you!!!

Summer Cannon:gift card to a million different stores. Thank you!!!

July 4th 2012 (cypress island)

Every year for the fourth of July we go to our cabin on Cypress Island. So of coarse this year we will be going. So pretty much the day after tomorrow we will on the Island.  Here are some things we will do:

  • we will light fireworks late at night
  • we will go to the potluck for dinner abd desert
  • we will roast marshmallows
  • chat with family
  • enjoy ourselves
  • and best of all we get to stay three days full of fun!!!

P.S. i will have a new post on July 9th

The fun of Cypress Island

On April 25 through April 29 2012 we went to Cypress Island. We did so much stuff during that period of time. Instead of writing a whole story on all the things we did, I am just going to list them. I am lazy that way.

  • we went kayaking
  • swimming
  • rowed in the dingy
  • watched Disney channel (172 and 173)
  • went on Facebook
  • hiked on a cliff andJasmine and Cassie almost fell off
  • climbed a broken wooden ladder
  • went on the rope swing
  • swung on the buoy swing
  • looked for starfish
  • looked for crab
  • looked for eels
  • went on random boat rides, on top

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